Which Shoos With What Clothes?

Do you often not buy those shoes because you’re unsure what you can wear them with? Or you think they’ll suit one outfit you have in mind but not anything else? I think we have all experienced this once or twice but there really are no rules when it comes to dressing! Take a look at these suggestions below for styling Ruby Shoo. Go ahead and buy those Shoos!

What Shoos to wear with flared jeans?

Ankle boots – Ronni/Seren

Platforms – Valerie

Trainers – Nicole

Chunky heels – Penny

What Shoos to wear with skinny jeans?

Combat boots – Sante

Booties – Blair

Trainers – Nicole

Pumps – Chrissie/Miley

Brogues – Aubrey

What Shoos to wear with straight-leg jeans?

Ankle boots – Beth

What to wear with skater/swing dress?

Mary-Janes – Penny/Raina/Celia

Shoe boots – Astrid/Octavia/Emma

Pumps – Miley/Rhea/Willow

What Shoos to wear with a Shirt dress?

T-bar shoes – Valerie

Pumps – Chrissie

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