“Where did you get your shoes?”

Who doesn’t love it when they get asked “Where did you get your shoes”?

It’s something I was used to hearing on a daily basis as I toured the towns of the UK visiting our retail stockists, pulling cases of fabulous Ruby Shoos behind me. I’d proudly stop and tell them about Ruby Shoo and point them in the direction of their local stockist. I guess that I’d become a little bit complacent over hearing it, not really realising just how many people mentioned my shoes until I swapped my Rubys for slippers over lockdown, and I heard it no more!!

Of course, the fortnightly trip to the supermarket became my new strutting ground as I graced the isles of Morrison’s with my Rubys and a pair of jeans.  Something I know many of our Ruby Shoo Lovers took great pleasure in doing too!

Boy have there been some fabulous shopping outfits by you wonderful lot!  How good did it feel to get a muffled “Where did you get your shoes”!  I know it cheered me up a few times!

Anyway, I’m Emma, part of the Ruby Shoo team and like many employees since the pandemic our job roles have evolved… 

I LOVE to talk, I’ll waffle along to anyone about anything, and now I’m looking forward to doing that with you wonderful lot about all things Ruby Shoo, from introducing the team, sharing some behind the scenes action, and whatever else tickles our fancy.

Emma Harkness

Before I go, I’m sure there are many fabulous Ruby Shoo outfits that that made it to the supermarket over lock down, we’d love to see how you styled yours.  Send in your supermarket look to lookatme@rubyshoo.com and the wining look will win a £50 Ruby Shoo.com voucher to treat themselves.  We can’t wait to see your pictures.

Lots of Love, Emma

4 thoughts on ““Where did you get your shoes?”

    1. I’m pleased you’re happy 😊 Your Shoo love is undeniable. Rocking the Ruby’s for sure 💕

  1. I’ve had my Ruby shoo shoes for years now. Can’t remember their name, but black lace with a black flower on them. They look as good as the day I bought them and I can say, hand on heart, that every time I wear them, someone asks me where I got them or they squeal and say they love them. Even small children have fallen in love with them!

    1. Ohhh, I’m going to have a guess with “Elisha” a stunning shoe, and so classy. I’m sure you’ll have many more squeals from those. Timeless 🕰

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