My “in love with” Top 3 AW21 Ruby Shoo picks.

They’ve arrived! and boy how excited was I to open up my much awaited Ruby Shoo parcel! Eeek! I choose 3. For now any way 😉

Blair in White Appaloosa, Blair in Black Appaloosa and Seren in Giraffe Green. Of course there are matching bags available that I’m still yet to get my hands on, but for now I’ll be more than content with my selection. So Blair….. not typically the shape you expect from Ruby Shoo but the day I saw it sitting there……there was something kinda sexy about those black dots on the white, it spoke to me!! I totally envisaged myself as a chic and stylish Cruella. Hell yea! The Black one, well, you’ve just got to have that for when the white one won’t match, Black goes with everything right?! Then Seren….. I’ve had this style before in black and wow were they comfy. Not to mention a real show stopper, I’ve escaped going home bare foot a few times whilst wearing those!

So after carefully removing them from their boxes and trying each pair on my feet, yep, I’m Good to go 🙂 It was now time to go through the wardrobe and see what old faithfuls I have hanging in there that can have a quick update. Don’t you just love it when you realise that a pair of shoes will go with way more than you thought it would!! Blair “I LOVE YOU” it goes with so many of my prints I gave up on matching up any further shoes to outfits as I already have to many ideas to choose from.

Dresses, skirts and tops, jeans and jumpers, prints and plains, vintage classics, this shoe will go with it all. Or at least I’m telling myself that. Let’s wait and see what the mirror says when I put them on in the morning……. Roll on tomorrow. Will I then have nothing to wear?!!

What have you been wearing with yours? share below, I’d love to see!
Lots of Love, Emma

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